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Explorex’s The Bridge OS is the most advanced and revolutionary AI powered, cloud based full stack ecosystem for restaurant operations and management.
It is built with not only the restaurant’s success metrics in mind but also how the system can enable restaurants’ relationships with them.
At Explorex we are not just building a o deliver the most delightful guest experience to their customers and build strong meaningful software tool, we are dedicated to crafting an ecosystem like never before.
We aim to create an ecosystem which will completely redefine the restaurant experience. With a range of dynamic solutions, business owners can get rid of the hassle of approaching different solution providers for each necessity and thus manage their restaurant in an easy, and streamlined manner across multiple locations. Explorex is bringing about a digital revolution the likes of which has not been seen before, and is fast spreading across the country.


Restaurants today are not only competing with other restaurants. They are also up against tech companies that not only provide consumers with immense convenience but also use the power of data. This gives them an immense advantage, making them more appealing to consumers. Explorex exists to empower restaurants to be able to provide customers with an equal level of convenience as well as leverage the power of data, thus enabling them to provide customers with personalized offerings as well as engage with them and build stronger relationships.


Our platform is purpose-built to drive success for the entire restaurant community. We provide our customers with a single platform that gives them the tools and features they need to run their business across point of sale, or POS, restaurant operations, digital ordering and delivery, marketing and loyalty, and team management. This suite of software and hardware products is integrated with our financial technology solutions, which includes payment processing. In addition, we provide platform services that include reporting and analytics and e-commerce capabilities for restaurants to access additional products in a self-service manner, as well as the Explorex application programming interface, or API, and partner ecosystem, allowing our customers to seamlessly connect with other technology vendors.
Our platform benefits from powerful network effects. We believe this manifests in the following ways, each driving the success of our stakeholders and, in turn, the Explorex Ecosystem.


Explorex is founded by Mainak Sarkar (CEO) and Pritam Khan (CTO). Both are charged and bright individuals hailing from IIT, and their vision for the company is rooted in hard determination and a passion to succeed. When they are not working round the clock, Mainak is a passionate musician and a dog dad, and Pritam is always on the lookout for the next intellectual challenge.

Mainak Sarkar

Press Release

What started out as a dream in the heads of two young IIT students gradually morphed into a solid team with varied departments, being led by a really strong management. Mainak Sarkar (CEO) and Pritam Khan (CTO) are the founders of this team that managed to make Explorex (Explorex Technologies Inc.) a part of YC Summer Batch 2020.
At Explorex, we believe that everyone is equally important to the team. It’s everyone’s joint effort that makes our vision come to a shining reality. The team of game changers we have is full of energy and enthusiasm, chasing down ideas and opportunities with passion. They are keen to grow and learn, while eagerly looking for people with a drive to make dreams come true through dedicated work. A business idea like never before, Explorex has opportunities for everyone. Unique onboarding process, training and hands-on experience during it, and then implementing the vision with all of creative freedom is something that Explorex offers to everyone. This is a team that works, dreams, and grows together.

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