Why you should move to a Restaurant Management System from a traditional POS system?

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The Indian restaurant industry is worth 75,000 crores approximately and is growing at an annual growth rate of 7%. With rapid urbanization, the number of people eating out has increased drastically. 90% of the guests check out the restaurant online before eating there. As a restaurant owner, one should always be on his toes trying to innovate all the time. To make things simpler, it is a good decision to implement a Restaurant Management System to manage the end-to-end operations of your restaurant.

What is traditional POS software?

A POS (point of sale) software processes and manages all the transactions that happen at a restaurant. Traditionally a point-of-sale system is just a billing software that receives the order and generates a bill. It is a system that operates on a closed system and stores data on local servers. It is an on-site setup. This means you cannot access the data from multiple devices and can only access it at the place where it is set up. Also, they are bulky and take up a lot of space, and have to be updated manually.

With the advent of cloud technology, restaurant owners are leaning towards Restaurant Management Systems. A Restaurant Management System caters to the entire business right from taking orders to booking a table, reporting the sales, managing the staff, managing the inventory, and also managing the menu.

What are the benefits of the Restaurant Management System?

Manage The Inventory Effectively

  • Managing the inventory is a day-to-day activity for a restaurant. Not keeping an eye on your inventory is a mistake. Ordering more than what is required or under-ordering can disrupt your operation.
  • The Software sends an alert whenever a stock item reaches its reorder level. It gives a report of stock available and when the next purchase would be initiated. Generates real-time reports of all the bills of the items purchased. Hence reducing the scope for any thefts or misappropriations.
  • If you have multiple outlets, it allows you to divert an item from an outlet where it is slow-moving to an outlet where the item has increased demand.


Increase Business

  • Integration with mobile, can speed up the ordering process. The diner can order using his phone and does not have to wait until he is attended to get a hold of the menu. Ensures a faster payment process and increase in table turnover.
  • If the table is settled faster, more diners are served which leads to an increase in business.
  • If the amount of idle time is reduced for the diner, they feel happier, increasing the chances of having a second visit from them.


Manage your customers better

  • As a restaurant owner, it is crucial you maintain a good customer relationship. With a smart restaurant management system, get customer data from their order history and store it in one centralized database.
  • You can send SMS to your customers about the latest updates of your restaurant to keep you on top of their minds
  • You can even try discount schemes and loyalty rewards to attract customers. This will lead to increased business as well.


Automated reports

  • Generate quick and real-time reports, which will ensure that you are kept informed of what is happening at the restaurant at the end of the day.
  • You can receive Restaurant sales reports, Inventory reports, Menu performance reports, Expense reports, CRM reports, and staff performance reports.
  • You can receive a detailed report for all your outlets.
  • You can also compare reports and generate a pictorial representation of the reports at your convenience



A restaurant management system will make your restaurant operations smoother. It gives a clear idea of consumer behaviour and helps strategize for the coming days. If you chose the right software like ‘Bridge’ by Explorex you can reduce the requirement of manual labour. With the range of solutions provided by Bridge, you would be improving customer satisfaction, which would lead to repeated visits and increase your daily sales.

Source For Stats: https://www.smergers.com/industry-watch/indian-restaurant-industry/

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