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Present your customers with a well-crafted dynamic digital menu which can be accessed by scanning the QR right from the customer’s mobile. Manage & update the menu on the fly, schedule multiple menus for special occasions and Increase the visibility of items by uploading images. Also, reduce the recurring costs of managing physical menus.

Automated Ordering

Give diners the full control to choose & order at their convenience through the web app and provide them with a seamless ordering experience. Call for assistance notifies stewards regarding any requests from a particular table thus uplifting customer experience. It also comes along with an option to view bills and an integrated payment option for a smoother checkout process.

Integrated POS/mPOS Solutions

Cloud-based integrated dashboard with automated ordering enabling single-click KOT management for faster service. Also acts as a point of sales solution for managing orders, payments, billing, and all functionalities POS. It literally works on any device including mobile devices.

Display System

The KDS provides a seamless connection between the front of the house and the backend order management staff so that they can prepare unforgettable meals for your diners. Sequential order notifications so that the guests are not kept waiting and new orders keep coming in without any missed tickets.

Third-Party Delivery Integrations

Bridge eliminates the need to juggle multiple third-party aggregator dashboards to manage online orders. Integrate all your third-party delivery aggregators into one single dashboard and manage all online delivery orders with ease.

Integrated Payment Systems

Simplify the checkout process for your diners and staff through auto-settlement of tables. Accept digital payments through various means like payment gateway integrated with the web app, dynamic UPI QR on every physical bill being generated, EDC machine and payment link, all integrated with Bridge.

Inventory Management Tools

A complete backend inventory management solution to manage your vendors, purchase orders, GRN & Payments. It also helps you manage recipes in a very precise manner and reduces the chances of wastage/spoilage and theft through a variance report for each item in your inventory.

Location Management

Whether you have a single establishment or multiple, with Bridge you can manage and control all features of each establishment from anywhere on a single dashboard. You can get a real-time consolidated view of data from all your locations which helps you get a single, clear view of your performance.

Re-engagement Tool

With our Powerful AI, get in-depth information about your diners based on their order history, bill size, number of visits etc. Craft personalized offers and updates and send them to the diners to be on top of your diners' minds. Run targeted campaigns with customer smarter profiling for optimal results.

Restaurant Analytics & Reports

Get access to in-depth analysis and reports both on and off-premises. Enables data-backed decision-making which improves your bottom line efficiency, overall restaurant productivity and growth.

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